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Call for Papers in pdf format is available.


Please send your abstract to     conference (at)   

before August 1st, 2017 deadline.

Abstract template is available.


Session 1: Space System and Applications
(1)    The Future of Space System
(2)    The Future of Space Application Technology
(3)    Technologies of Space Communications, Navigation, Remote Sensing and their Applications
(4)    Lifecycle Management and Maintenance of Spacecraft
(5)    Development of Small Satellite and Micro-Satellite, Including Small Satellite Platform, Formation Flight and Attitude Control
(6)    Propellant On-Orbit Storage and Filling
(7)    Energy Management in Space
(8)    Space Robotics
(9)    Space Payload and Electronic Devices
(10)    Space Propulsion
(11)    Spacecraft Control
(12)    Spacecraft Materials and Structure
(13)    Others

Session 2: Space Carrier and Launch   
(1)    The Future of Space Carrier, Including Reusable Launch Technology
(2)    Space Travel and Suborbital Spaceflight
(3)    Quick Response
(4)    Space Transportation
(5)    Space Launch and Ground-Based Facility
(6)    Space TT&C Technology
(7)    Space Materials and Structure
(8)    Thermal Protection Materials and Technology
(9)    Space Power and Propulsion System
(10)    Others

Session 3: Manned Spaceflight and Deep Space Exploration
(1)    The Future of Deep Space Exploration
(2)    Space Station System and Related Technologies
(3)    Safety and Maintenance of Manned Spacecraft
(4)    Particle Radiation Hazard and Protection in Space
(5)    Psychological and Physiological Health of Astronauts in Space
(6)    Microgravity Science and Artificial Gravity
(7)    Ground-Based Simulation and Experimentation of Space Missions
(8)    Space Life Science
(9)    Development and Utilization of Space Resources, Including In-Situ Resource Utilization, Space Solar Energy, Space Minerals, etc.
(10)    Others

Session 4: Space Applications and International Cooperation
(1)    Space Cooperation on “the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road”
(2)    The Role of Space Industry in Socio-Economic Development
(3)    Space Technology Development and International Cooperation
(4)    International Organization and Bilateral/Multilateral Cooperation Mechanism
(5)    International Cooperation Policy and Law
(6)    The Future of Space International Cooperation (Mars Exploration, Deep Space Exploration, Space Mineral Recourses Utilization, Commercial Spaceflight, etc.)



International Academy of Astronautics